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Tweet Adder Review - Gain A Lot More Twitter Followers, Demo And Discount

You can go ahead and download the Tweet Adder free demo right here should you do not have time to read this review, you'll like it. If you enjoy the demo and decide to buy it, use the discount code HOTDEAL and you'll save 20%.

As long as you set a reasonable maximum amount to follow, maybe 600-700 tops, you then won't get Twitter slapped for aggressive following, it's never happened to me with these settings There, problem solved.

No use of API

Another minor problem with using the earlier versions of Twitter was that they used up API, the amount of updates each user can make per hour, they've fixed this now. Version 3.0 does not use any API, that is really helpful for types like me that handle lots of tasks usually. I would sometimes get told to wait for an hour or so before if I'd be really active on Twitter, now I in no way reach the API limit.

Multiple client management in one

You only need a single Twitter window to manage your accounts, as opposed to one per account as it was before, a helpful way to save time and pc resources You'll find most of the information you need on the main screen, a complete overview of all your Twitter accounts, with simple green lights for modules ON red for OFF.


This is such a powerful piece of kit, most of the time I only have to open the main window a couple of times per day to check it's doing what it was told. Even this is sometimes unneccessary! So far I haven't had any issues, but in the event you do, you are able to rapidly send a support email from within the program options.

Another main change is a strong encouragement to leave the software on automation instead of use the manual options.

If you've got perhaps 12 hours in the day in which you can leave this software open, you'll have enough time to carry out all the automated following, and all other automated tasks, using low system resources. I almost never need manual mode anymore, it's so easy! It uses low system resources.

They've additional a really useful new feature to follow any Twitter list, so if you can discover people that list well in your niche, this could be a gold mine.

You also can now auto-retweet folks that you select, which is a fantastic way to get ahead in your niche, and make your account constantly appear to be actively used, excellent for when you are away for a while and can't make tweets. I've not seen a Twitter adder offering this before. It's simple, it's works.

With Tweet Adder 3.0, you can add RSS feeds to your tweets, so one more little job that won't involved another third-party Twitter app.

Tweet Adder 3.0 is a complete overhaul of an already awesome software that leaves the competition in the dust. Check out the Tweet Adder demo and use the code HOTDEAL to get 20% off if you then choose to buy it.

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I need help on my tweetadder3, I have an error while installing the software I keep getting a message that you need to download the latest version (in a loop) and I contact the support team last Nov. 9 and on Dec 23 for 32 working days they respond on my problem,

Below is there reply

We have investigated this and tested it multiple ways, and have not been able to replicate any issue like this.

Please make sure that you are downloading the latest version

Also, please make sure that you are opening the latest version that you downloaded. Perhaps you are saving it to my documents, but then opening an older version that is saved to your desktop? Or something similar.

We have found no issues of this on our side, and all of our files have matching version numbers. The current version is build #101122

I have a big problem with the TweetAdder tool.

It's keep on error upgrade in loop when I install the software, I follow all the instructions, cleaning the browser cache, I even clean the registry , uninstall my browser (Mozilla, IE, Google Chrome), I even format my computer but nothing happens same error.

It's going crazy I don't know what to do next.

Hope anyone has idea to share.

Thank you

Merry Christmas

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